About Me

Having always had an interest in the weird, wacky and unexplained, I decided to retrain in a variety of therapies that on the surface look "unexplainable".  They are, in fact, all based in science, but I still think they are magic. 

Having discovered that I was a natural intuitive and psychic, dowsing was my alternative qualification.  I found using a pendulum completely natural and also found that I had natural gift for the questioning that allows you really get to the heart of any issue.  I then added kinesiology which is dowsing on the body, increasing my knowledge and therefore my capabilities with solving troublesome issues.  I am also a healer and a spiritual response therapist so can enjoy having a rummage around in akashic records.

I have a creative background having been a graphic designer, gilder and picture framer and then a florist for many years.  My creativity is now channeled into thinking around corners and getting to the heart of the issue or to the root cause of any block you may have.  Mind you, I do still get my sketch book out and doodle away furiously.  

No two people are alike, and I never know what is going to walk through the door.  I have been practising this way for over 10 years and still love it.  I treat people from home in a very relaxed and informal setting, I see many, many kids and they respond better in a home environment rather than a clinic. Equally I know that I cannot help everyone and I have a fabulous collection of colleagues who I recommend to those I feel would benefit.